Snowmobile safaris from Levi and Rovaniemi

With the snowmobile, we’ll dive into the beauty of the Lappish winter. We’ll speed along deep in the wilderness and see the spectacular fells. Happy Safaris organises snowmobile safaris with planned routes from a few dozen to hundreds of kilometres.

Shorter snowmobile safaris

Levi – Levin Lapinkylä – Levi

A trip to an old Lappish yard, where we’ll have coffee or lunch. There are reindeer in the yard of Levin Lapinkylä, and so there is the opportunity to have a reindeer ride too.

On the return trip we will go over the Levitunturi fell, weather permitting.

  • Length of excursion 40 km
  • Duration of excursion 2–3 hours

Levi – Kumputunturi fell – Kittilä – Levi

An excursion to one of the most impressive fells in Kittilä (581 m). When we get there, we’ll have a moment by the fire in a tepee with sooty-pot coffee and sausages. The route is pleasant and also suitable for beginners too. Finally, weather permitting, we’ll go over Levi.

  • Length of excursion 110 km
  • Duration of excursion 4–5 hours


We’ll drive along the Ylläs route towards Lainiokrouvi, where we’ll have coffee or lunch. The return trip is to Levi, via Kittilä.

Weather permitting, during the trip we’ll see: the Aakenustunturi, Lainiotunturi and Yllästunturi fells.

  • Length of excursion 120 km
  • Duration of excursion 4-5 hours

Longer snowmobile safaris

Rovaniemi – Sodankylä – Kaarestunturi – Kumputunturi – Levi

Arrival at Rovaniemi airport on the morning flight, after which we change straightaway into snowmobile gear and set off. The trip goes through the wilderness towards Sodankylä. We’ll stay overnight in Korvala, which is about 75 km from Rovaniemi and where we’ll eat dinner and have a sauna. There is also the possibility to go ice-hole swimming.

The journey continues towards fantastic fell landscapes, via Sodankylä to Kaarestunturi, and from there to Levi.

  • Length of trip 275 km
  • Duration of trip 7–9 hours

Rovaniemi – Ylläs – Levi

Arrival at Rovaniemi airport on the morning flight. We change into snowmobile gear and set off. The trip goes deep through the wilderness towards Pasmajärvi. We’ll have lunch in the old village school and fill up the snowmobiles. The trip goes on towards Ylläs, which we pass on the east side, and finally towards Levi. A service vehicle will follow our journey at certain road crossing points.

  • Duration of trip 7–8 hours
  • Length of trip 250 km