Learn something new as a work group – come on a mini course!

Learning something new is invigorating. Now you’re no longer sticking your nose in dusty books, but rather your lips on lovely treats instead! Happy Safaris organises different kinds of mini courses for companies, including cooking classes, for example.

To wilderness cooking school by reindeer

We’ll drive by reindeer to the Silmävasa tepee through a stretch of snowy forest. When we get there, we’ll enjoy coffee from a ladle and get to work.

First off, we’ll make a quick light snack. The starter soup is a creamy morel mushroom soup and for the main course we’ll make jacket potatoes in foil and blazing salmon. For dessert, we’ll make griddle pancakes with cloudberry jam.

All this is done on an outdoor fire, so there’s plenty to do, even for the master of ceremonies and the person keeping an eye on the fire. Everyone gets an Eräkokki double knife with their own name on it to keep.

  • Duration 4–5 hours
  • Group size min. 5 persons