Entertainment services in the Levi area

Life sometimes feels like a full-time job without any benefits. Then there is good cause to make a break, quite intentionally. Happy Safaris is sure to come up with fun things to do for your work group. We customise entertainment services according to the wishes of the company.


Snowshoes are for men who tread their own trails. We’ll take them and head towards the peaks of the Levitunturi or Kätkätunturi fells. On this trip, you break a nice sweat before the sauna or morning wash. Sooty-pot coffee and sausages taste good in the lap of nature. There is also the Immeljärvi lake, rich in fish, where you can ice-fish.

  • Duration 2–3 hours


The teams test their skills against each other in seven exciting events: snowmobile-cross, tandem skiing, snowshoe-walking, lasso-throwing, snow slider slalom, ski-towing and snow-sculpting. After the heavy competition work, a three-course lunch will be just what the doctor ordered. We’ll get acquainted with the products of Lapinkylä, and reindeer-keeping in particular.

Group size min. 6 persons

  • Duration 6 hours


Who has the best aim and the steadiest hand? Now you can find out once and for all. Accuracy can be tested with a pistol, a pump-action shotgun, a bow or an axe and also in snow golf and through lasso-throwing. Women can also enjoy this because clear instruction is given on how to handle firearms.

Depending on the group, small competitions can be arranged in which participants can compete with each other in snow golf and lasso-throwing, in addition to the events already mentioned.

Kart racing

A RallyKart race is driven in challenging conditions on an ice track. The feel of a big motorsports event is in the air. You’ll get the entire, authentic experience: practice, the drivers’ meeting, qualifying, the finals and the prize ceremony.

  • Group size min. 5 persons

Ice-hole saunas

If you haven’t experienced the rush of energy you get from ice-hole swimming yet, we’ll take care of that. The experience also includes the Lapland baptism.

Brunch by helicopter at Ylläs or Olos

In the fell landscapes, you feel an almost compulsive need to take to the air. So that’s what we’ll do. We’ll travel by helicopter for a morning brunch at Ylläs or Olos. At the destination, a hearty breakfast accompanied by champagne will be waiting for you.

Duration 1.5 hours

  • Duration 1.5 hours
  • Group size max. 5 persons